Cheap Hosting – Is It Bad?

Cheap Hosting as the word says is a low cost hosting service aimed mainly for people who have monetary constraints and still want to make a presence on the internet. So this type of hosting allows small companies to make their websites live without paying much for it.

However people say that since you pay very less for this type of service you end up getting fewer services and in order to get more services the hosting providers start charging you more. Hence cheap hosting no longer stays as a cheap hosting. Or if the hosting provider does not charge you then they don’t give you good quality services. So in either way the customer is the loser.

Main concerns associated with a Cheap Hosting are –

1. Overloaded servers – Since it is a low cost hosting, it attracts a lot of customers. Hence the servers get overloaded as they have lots of sites on them.
2. Bad neighbor effect – If the site of one person is hacked then the neighboring sites are also affected. Even though you are not at fault you still have to bear the issues.
3. Bad Support – Since hosting providers have lot of clients in this category, it takes a lot of time and effort to solve each and every client’s problem.

So, one might reconsider his decision of buying Cheap Hosting solution after looking at these disadvantages.

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