Cheap Hosting – Its Top Five Features

If you are planning to make an online presence and want to host your website, then the very first solution that comes into your mind is Shared Hosting since it is the cheapest. Because of its cheap feature a lot of starters opt for it. So for those of you who are considering buying a Cheap Hosting or a Shared Hosting plan, here is some information for you.

A lot companies are offering web hosting solutions these days and may be at somewhat similar prices. But the point to ponder is that do they really offer similar services. Everybody can offer the same price and features but nobody can offer the same service because of internal policies of the company. Every web host has different kinds of accessibility to various external factors. Each company has different internet connection, they have different processes for their storage system etc. So each one is different from one another despite the fact that they are offering the same features at the same prices.

We all want to make the most out of our money by fetching the best services. So here are some features you should definitely look for in your web hosting provider so that you get the best service and still spend less money.

The top five features of a Cheap Hosting Solution are:

1. The first thing you need to look into your web hosting provider is that since how many years is he into this business? You can do some research and find out for how long they have been providing hosting solutions. You can check this on Google by checking its domain registration date. This will give you the correct idea about its date of incorporation.

2. Second thing that you must check is the Support system of this company. The cheap hosting provider must be able to give you Support 24/7 that too 365 days a year. They should be well qualified and should have thorough knowledge of the product they are offering. Knowledgeable staff ensures that all your issues will be rectified very quickly each time if you have one.

3. Third thing you need to check is the uptime of the servers of the company. You can check this on the web to be sure. A higher uptime guarantees that your website would be up and running most of the time. Mostly companies offer a 99.99% uptime which is very good for you as you can expect your website to be up 99.999% of the time.

4. Check whether the company has a 30 day money back guarantee or not. This feature helps you to test the services of the provider you have chosen. If the services are good during this period then you can continue to host with them else you can shift to a better hosting provider. This is the best way to really just the services of a hosting provider.

5. Last thing you need to check is the bandwidth they will provide. Check whether the plan you have taken offers you an unlimited bandwidth or not. Bandwidth handles the traffic on your website. If it is less then chances are that most of the people won’t be able to visit your website. So always check the bandwidth details before buying your cheap hosting solution.
Also check on the disk space they will give you in the plan you have chosen. The more the disk space available for you, the more files and information you can store on your server. Hence do make a check on this part too.

Once you have done a thorough check on the above features then you have discovered a Cheap yet reliable hosting for you.