Cheap VPS – All About It

Today in this world of virtualization, a new technology of Virtual Private Server have come into existence. It is a major advancement in Hosting industry and is helpful for people who have a limited budget. People were having a lot of issues, such as bad neighbor effect, security issues, lack of customization etc, in shared hosting. In order to overcome these Virtual Private Servers have been introduced.

In a VPS a partition is created virtually which segregates every site on the same server. Each virtually partitioned server has its own operating system which creates this effect. Because of this partition now each server acts like your own private server and can be used the way you like it.

The various benefits of a VPS are:

  1. It is cheap. It is far less cheap than a dedicated hosting service and negligibly more expensive than a shared hosting server.
  2. It helps you to customize your server the way you want it.
  3. It helps you to secure your server almost completely which is not possible in a shared hosting.
  4. You can also control your backups and reboot your server anytime you want to.
  5. You get managed services for your server. Web hosting companies these days manage your server for you without any extra charges.
  6. You can expand or decrease your resources on your server as per your needs. In case you wish to expand your business or you have started getting more traffic on your website then you must go in for a VPS since it will allow you to expand as and when you want it. You can never do this on a shared hosting plan. You can also do so in a dedicated hosting plan too but it is very expensive since you are assigned a single server for your website physically.
  7. You can have a large number of websites running on your server which you cannot do in a shared hosting plan.

Web hosting companies have been giving Cheap VPS services at as low as $9.99 a month. A hosting solution as such a low price is very much reasonable for everybody as it gives a lot of features to you at such a low price. Not only this, these web hosting companies will also suggest you which type of plan will suit your needs. In a shared hosting plan you do not have any choices in order to choose a plan suiting your needs. They are made for everybody and not just for someone specific.

Since Virtual Private Server works on the principle of virtual environment, therefore it is CHEAP. Cheap VPS hosting comes in varied plans and it is very important for the customer to choose the right one for himself based on his needs. If you are able to predict your requirements well and know what you would need then it can save you a whole lot of money for you. A lot of people use only half the resources for which they have paid for. These resources are there but unutilized which means waste of money. Hence predicting your server requirements is a must for you.

Reliability is another factor which comes when you think of buying a VPS service from a hosting provider. So you will have to find an experienced web hosting company which can cater to all your needs.
So after going through the features and advantages of Cheap VPS one must be convinced by now as to how a VPS solution will be helpful for you. All you have to do is specify your requirements and find an experienced Cheap VPS Hosting company and you will be all set to go.