Cheap VPS – It’s Various Advantages

Before studying the advantages and disadvantages of Cheap VPS, we must first understand what is a VPS or a Virtual Private Server.

About Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is also known as virtual dedicated server. In a VPS various users use the same physical server which is partitioned virtually. Here each virtually partitioned server has the capability of working as a dedicated server because it has his own operating system. Since the server is partitioned virtually you will find benefits and features of dedicated hosting environment here.

It shares resources on one physical server with the others so it also costs less and comes in the budget of everyone. So this new technology is really helpful for people who want to customize their server and cannot pay much.

There are a lot of benefits attached with Virtual Private Server which are as follows:

  1. The first and foremost benefit of VPS is that it is very cheap as compared to dedicated hosting. Its price comes in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting because it is negligibly more in price than a shared hosting and far less in price than a dedicated hosting server.
  2. You can customize your server the way you want to and can install applications and softwares as per your requirements.
  3. You can control your backups and reboots which is not possible in shared hosting but is possible in a dedicated hosting.
  4. You will not be affected by Bad Neighbor effect in a VPS. This means if your neighbor on the same server is not using his server properly then it would affect your performance too which is the case in shared hosting. In a VPS you are virtually partitioned so you are responsible for your own server and are not for the others.
  5. You can completely secure your VPS which is not possible in a shared hosting.
  6. You can also increase and decrease your resources on your server as per your needs.
  7. You can have a large number of websites on the same server and still you wont run into problems of hardware sharing.
  8. You also do not have to manage your server here. Best web hosting companies manage your server for you that too free of cost.

Well after looking at these benefits one is completely convinced that VPS is a great breakthrough in the field of hosting. It is a low cost technology which gives one all the features and requires less technical knowledge which is better than having your own server. The features it offers that too at so low a price are irresistible that you cannot even wait to buy one.